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Last night, I was sitting with someone who was buried in a game of Angry Birds on their cellphone. Can’t blame anyone for being addicted to that game. It’s got spunk, heart, and surprise. I noticed that on the screen, behind the colorful slingshot debris was a very ‘rooftopesque’ scene:

But it also reminded me of some other scene, something more arty, less birdy. Later at night, I had a hunch and I checked online. Sure enough, like a long lost visual cousin came this scene from “Iris” (Cirque Du Soleil). It’s pretty damn sweet:

That setting in ‘Iris” succeeds in conveying something unique through its up-high setting. Our Rooftops Unite page was set up to do just that, through real photos. But the stage has its own agenda on how to make rooftops to shine. Plays and musicals reveal a metaphoric kind of magic that house a character’s hopes and dreams. And of course, there’s no better spot for climactic high notes. My brain is pre-wired to film references, but I’ll do my best to name some rooftop moments in film and stage alike:

Right off the bat, I think of “West Side Story”, one of my personal favorites. Here’s a great still from the film that kicks off I Want To Live in America:

Hmmm. There’s also quite a bit of rooftop action in “RENT”…

… then some classic “Mary Poppins” which has been done many times on stage.

Maybe mentioning Poppins was a mistake. Because my film tendencies just got too strong. Now I can’t think of any more plays. Maybe you can. All I know is it’s time to end this blog with one undeniably memorable rooftop scene: