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(A man from the future tells of an online town, down south)

Things ain’t been the same since the 2.0 train came rollin’ inna town
My boss had to ship me downtown today. Tol’ me I gotsta get me them new media skills
Kid’s hardly 14 years grown, already tellin’ us overdue men what’s what.
Don’t anger me none, he just got lucky, born in the same spot he works in and all

Took a ride past the Blogatorium, started wonderin’ what all these streets use to be called
All them big smooth syndication roads always get me all turned around
Hopped on off my pod and walked on by a coupla hologram-gals, all smilin’ real nice but never at nobody
Bet they never knew there was park ’round here ‘fore they got digitized, with grass you could really smell

When I got to the ol’ comunity center, it looked like it wasn’t there no mo
Just this lil’ metal sign with plastic words… said “Webinar Community Space”
Penny laptop inside some tree was singing Microsoft oldies
Coudn’t tell if it knew I was there, cause it just started slideshowin’

Slept through it all but some n’ 45 minutes later I got twin emails sayin’ I got a degree
When I got back to work, I was one update too late cause nobody was standin’ in the real
They was just a buncha avatar squares ‘n short words up on the Big Wall now
Nobody wanted to help Jimmy none so I emptied my flashdrive and walked on out

Wanted to get home for some mashup food cause my belly was a rumblin’
Saw the house out yonder, all broken lookin’, like the social signal got turned off
Look like one of them RSS cables come loose again
Verification patrol might be here soon, wailing in them orange cars, no doubt

I come inside and Mama wasn’t cookin’ nothin’ but hashtags
She was cryin’ again, tellin’ me the E-blast knocked the cables off real good
I said, “Musta slept through that one, but look at this here degree now”
Then she tol’ me, “That don’t matter Jimmy! You fired and broke just the same”

Well I ain’t got the cache space to yell at her no mo
Software gets her all shook up cause it reminds her Daddy’s gone.
It ain’t my fault she don’t try n’ update our signals
Maybe she just mad ’cause lil’ sis got married in a forum instead of that e-church

Daddy ain’t been here for none-a this since he got lost in that GeoZoo
Probably locked inside all them wiki cages fulla’ pingoats and trackback rhinos
Wonder if he gonna remember where the hell we even came from still
All them codes musta worn the last of his bandwidths

When you sleep, offline don’t mean a thing
People start to talk again when you in them dreams
Makes me feel good and real again somewhere
That’s the better half of my story for now… CAPTCHA all later.