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Over capital hill lies the scent of fresh kill
Trailing the shock that shook the world a-still.

Silent partners lurk between tall, white pillars
Negotiating a synthesis of suit and tie killers

Nervous servants race through polluted walls
Cleaning after the faces of our malevolent fall

Dark jesters spawned from watchful investors
Political caricatures who hide and fester

Gluttons in gold buttons posing as a faction
A debilitating pattern of chaotic distraction

A shamelessly unqualified American fallacy
Calling humanity a dangerous atrocity

A raw legion of plagiary and incompetence
Pushing ahead with a blinding dissonance

Growing multitudes of viral manipulation
Carving falsehoods into the fibers of a nation

Their soulless opus, beating without a heart
Our legacy now in jeopardy, fifty states apart.