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An LA sunken ship, boasting a scenic vunderland. Anchored comfortably in the outskirts of mid-Wilshire. Noticeably larger than most parks in the city. Its dips and valleys host a winding exercise path that overlooks different pockets of the park. Occupying the grounds are droves of families on picnics, little league tournaments, half-homeless residents, and passers by.

You can find its bow, nestled gently against the soft edges of The Grove… attracting tourists and native Angelenos alike. The locals know better its stern, resting flush on Gardner, looking out at 3rd Street.

At sunset, you can gaze across the main street traffic and find Pan Pacific’s glowing pre-Pangea companion…. Park La Brea. Sectioned off behind rows of rusting black fences, this strong, labyrinth of a town boasts 12-story buildings with partly painted exteriors. A green puzzle land. Filled with endless routes to discover.