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Happy Hands

This award-winning documentary reveals how Hollywood icon Tippi Hedren personally conceived and provided the means for twenty female Vietnamese refugees to establish themselves as manicurists after the war. As a result, a new Vietnamese American dream emerged, and re-shaped an entire industry.

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Parallel Avenue

An intimate look at five women struggling to come to terms with Los Angeles. This is the city like you’ve never seen it, told through the maddening and sometimes inspiring relationships these women experience.

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Vérbosszú (Blood Vengeance)

Eight years after ordering a hit on his fellow “fixer,” a man discovers his old friend is still alive — and hellbent on revenge.

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Sevvy Hounds

Scheming office workers are investigated for deliberately tanking their jobs to score severance checks.

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The Gran' Scam of Things

An elderly woman opens an email that leads her into the welcoming arms of an international crime ring.

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Sex Text

A string of suggestive text messages from a mystery girl causes escalating chaos in the world of three roommates.

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The Moonlit Road

A family’s life is altered when a strange occurrence breaks apart their home. The details of their experience begin to unfold through the few who discover it, years later. Based on the 1907 tale by Ambrose Bierce.

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A surrealistic study of a young man’s battle with PTSD, following his transition from a mental institution to life in the outside world.

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