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Parallel Avenue

Parallel Avenue is an intimate look at five women struggling to come to terms with Los Angeles. This is the city like you’ve never seen it, told through the maddening and sometimes inspiring relationships these women experience.

Format: HD, Short Film
Writer/Director: Leor Baum
Cinematographer: Sebastien Hameline
Producers: Leor Baum, Michael Schindler
Cast: Kesia Elwin, Ann Song, Sarah Schulte, Brittany Hopkins, Nikole Howell

“This is a very personal picture and one that will resonate with many Angelenos.”

– Jim Gilbert (Curating LA)

Director’s Note


“People like to tell stories about the city they live in. Most times they tell you how funny or unbelievable something was, leaving you with a memorable quote or two. But how often do they mention where it took place? In New York, the exact intersection is important, it’s part of the story. In L.A. you have to ask for that detail, and the answer is often, “I don’t know, somewhere in Hollywood…” Los Angeles is where I’ve spent most my life, and I still find it to be one of the hardest cities to describe. I’ve written about it, cursed it, photographed it, and of course filmed it.

Parallel Avenue is unlike anything I had planned to shoot, but at the same time, it was the movie I had always wanted to make. The idea began with a woman walking down Wilshire Boulevard (one of the longest streets in the city) through a timeline of city intersections that helped shape her life. Before I knew it, that character had evolved into more than just one woman, and it was clear that like Los Angeles, the film’s perspective needed to be spread out. From there, the idea evolved, location by location. With each landscape we looked to express the emotions of these women. Even during production, the actors understood that at times, the background itself would be directing the action. Rather than working from a formatted script, we built each concept through back-stories and monologues. The drama moved geographically, starting from the coast, then moving inland. It was freeing and challenging all at the same time.

By the time we wrapped production, everyone involved had experienced a side to Los Angeles they never knew existed. For me, that made our effort that much more rewarding. I hope that when people watch Parallel Avenue, they too find a place to connect through… so once the screen goes black, they’ll remember exactly where they were.”

– Leor Baum (Writer/Director)